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Monitor cables & connectors  VGA/DVI/HDMI/DFP   =>About Connection Type
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HDMI Input to YPbPr (Component) / VGA + SPDIF Digi...
[MPN#] ZHT-611
HDMI input to YPbPr (Component video) or VGA output with Audio (RCA & S/PDIF)
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Converter: Mini DisplayPort (Male) To HDMI (Female...
Computer with mini DisplayPort (Such as Apple© MAC) output to HDMI connection for your monitor / TV / prejector
>300+ sold
Converter: DVI-D Adaptor 24+1pin Male to HDMI Fema...

For computer DVI port output to HDMI connection monitor
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HDMI 5 in 1 out Switch with Remote Control, [RM-50...
[MPN#] RM-501
The device routes Video / Audio from 5 different input sources to your single HDMI display unit. Controllable by the buttons on the switch or by the remote control to select an input signal source.
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VGA to Video RCA and S-Video converter, Computer T...

VGA port of your computer output Video / S-Video signals for TV, VCR etc.
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HDMI Extender over Cat-5e / Cat-6 LAN Cable, [T-50...
[MPN#] ZHT-502
Extends HDMI signal over two cost effective Cat5e / Cat6 cables . Up to 30 meters
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Converter: DVI-D Adaptor 24+1pin Female to HDMI Ma...
For computer HDMI output to DVI connection monitor
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Cable: DisplayPort M to DisplayPort M, 1m, DP to D...
[MPN#] S051B
1 meters DisplayPort cable. Gold-plated
>200+ sold
HDMI Splitter 1 In 4 Out, 1 x 4 Duplicator 3D Up t...
[MPN#] ZHT-103
1 HDMI input display splits into 4 HDMI output displays (Mirrored). For example: you have 1 computer but want to display on 4 monitors
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DVI-I Adaptor 24+5pin Male to VGA (15pin) Female
Converts DVI connector to analogue
DVI graphic card -> 15-pin VGA (D-type) monitor
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HDMI Female to HDMI Female Joiner Adapter, Type A ...

Joins 2 HDMI cables together
Type A receptacle to Type A receptacle
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Cable: VGA cable Male-Male, 1.5m

Suitable for monitors which have a seperate/detachable monitor cable.
1.5M in length.
>100+ sold
Converter: Mini DisplayPort (Male) to DVI (Female)...
Computer with mini DisplayPort (Such as Apple© MAC) output to DVI connection for your monitor / TV / prejector
>100+ sold
Converter: Mini DisplayPort (Male) To VGA (Female)...

Computer with mini DisplayPort (Such as Apple© MAC) output to VGA connection (15-pin D-sub) for your monitor / TV / prejector
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Cable: VGA cable Male-Male, 5m

Suitable for monitors which have a seperate/detachable monitor cable.
5M in length.
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Converter: onten HDMI (Male) to VGA (Female) Cable...
[MPN#] QTN-5165
This HDMI to VGA converter is complaint with HDMI 1.1/1.2 standards and works with boh HDCP and non-HDCP.
HDMI input resoulation supported: from 800*600 upto 1920*1080
VGA output resoulation supported: upto 1080p
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Cable: DisplayPort M to HDMI M, 1.8m, DP to HDMI
[MPN#] S053B
For: computer has a DisplayPort but your display device is HDMI connection
>50+ sold
Converter: Mini DisplayPort (Male) to DisplayPort ...

Converts standard DisplayPort cable to fit in mini DisplayPort
>50+ sold
HDMI Ver 1.4 5x1 Switch with Remote, [T-306A], 5 i...
[MPN#] ZHT-306A
HDMI Version 1.4 5in 1out switch, 3840 x 2160 resolution supported, 3D supported
Remote or manual (by button) select HDMI input signal.
>50+ sold
Cable: mini HDMI (Type C) to HDMI (Type A) 1.8M

For computer / Camera with mini HDMI output connects to your monitor / TV / projector which is HDMI connection.
>50+ sold
Converter: mini HDMI Male (Type C) - HDMI Female (...
This converter is for: Your computer / Camera has mini HDMI output,  your monitor / TV / projector is HDMI connection.  Connection like this:
mini HDMI... more
Simplecom CM201 Full HD 1080p VGA to HDMI Converte...
[Brand] Simplecom   [MPN#] CM201
VGA to HDMI adapter offers you a convenient way to connect PCs, Laptops with VGA to displays such as Projectors, Monitors, and HDTVs with HDMI
Digital AV Adapter for Lighting iPhone / iPad
iPhone / iPad output to HDMI, up to 1080p resolution; No driver / app software required; 2 meters long cable
Onten HDMI to VGA Converter with Audio Port, [OTN-...
[MPN#] OTN-7557
HDMI input (female, port) to VGA output (male, pins). 3.5mm Audio port available for HDMI audio output
Simplecom CM301 Ultra HD 4K 1080p 3 Way HDMI Switc...
[Brand] Simplecom   [MPN#] CM301
Connect 3 HD sources to just 1 HDMI port on your HDTV/monitor
Converter: HDMI Input to VGA + Audio output,  [HD2...
[MPN#] HD2V04
Source signal: HDMI to destination signal: VGA + Audio for VGA monitor / projector etc.
USB powered
Astrotek DisplayPort cable, M-M, 1m
[Brand] Astrotek   [MPN#] AT-DP-MM-1M
Astrotek DisplayPort cable, 1m, DisplayPort 20-pin male to DisplayPort 20-pin male latching connections, Delivers high-bandwidth, digital audio/visual signals from PC to display... more
USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI 1080P Output with Audio, [U...
[MPN#] U31004
Connects an additional HDMI compatible monitor / TV / projector to your computer via USB Type C port
HDMI SWITCH: 4K UHD Switch Box 2 in 1 Out - 2 Port...

2 Port HDMI switch in black
Allows you to connect 2 HDMI source devices to a single HDTV display or projector
Ideal for use with high definition set top boxes,... more
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Cable: DisplayPort M to VGA F 1.8m

DisplayPort Male to VGA Female 1.8m Cable
Mini DisplayPort(M) to VGA(F) Adapter
[Brand] ATEN   [MPN#] VC920-AT
*Doesn't include Modem/Netwotking/Keyboard/Mouse cables, to find them, please go to their own category
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