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Case Fans
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Coolermaster 12CM case fan
[Brand] Cooler Master   [MPN#] R4-S2S-12AK-GP
Black Colour, Sleeve Bearing
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12cm Cooler Master4 "SICKLEFLOW X BLUE LED FA...
[Brand] Cooler Master   [MPN#] R4-SXDP-20FB-A1
[Brand] Cooler Master   [MPN#] R4-S2S-124K
Dimension (W / H / D) 120*120*25mm Voltage 12VDC Current (Ampere) 0.15 A±10% Input (Watt) 1.8W±10% Speed (R.P.M.) 1200 R.P.M.±10% Air Flow (CFM) 44.73CFM... more
Corsair "Air Series" Air Flow 140 Quiet ...
[Brand] Corsair   [MPN#] CAS-AF140-QE-RLED
Corsair "Air Series" Air Flow 140 Quiet Edition Case Fan - Superior Cooling Performance and LED Illumination, Red Features: * Focus on Air Flow & quietness, designed as intake or... more
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[Brand] Cooler Master   [MPN#] R4-C1DS-12FB-R1
[Brand] Cooler Master   [MPN#] MFY-F2DN-11NPC-R1
92mm Fractal Design Silent Series R3 Case Fan
Connector: 3-pin fan header
Rotational Speed: 1500RPM
Maximum Air Flow: 24.4CFM
80mm Thunderblade Blue LED Basic Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] AF0029
Fan Dimension: 80 x 80 x 25 mm
Fan Speed: 2000 RPM
Max. Air Flow: 27.8 CFM (1.98 MM-H2O)
Connector: 4 Pin
80mm Fractal Design Silent Series R3 Case Fan
Connector: 3-pin fan header
Rotational Speed: 1600RPM
Maximum Air Flow: 20.2CFM
80mm ThermalTake Pure 8 Blue LED 1400RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F029-PL08BU-A
Fan Dimension: 80 x 80 x 25 mm
Fan Speed: 1400 RPM
Max. Air Flow: 19.38 CFM (0.99 MM-H2O)
Connector: 3 PIN
92mm Noctua NF-A9 FLX 1600RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A9-FLX
Noctua 60mm NF-A6x25 FLX 3000RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A6X25-FLX
40mm Noctua NF-A4x20 FLX 5000RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A4X20-FLX
60mm Noctua NF-A6x25 PWM 3000RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A6X25-PWM
The NF-A6x25 is a highly optimised, premium quality quiet fan in 60x25mm size. The PWM version sports Noctuas custom designed NE-FD1 IC for fully automatic speed control via 4-pin... more
120mm Noctua NF-S12B Redux Edition 700RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-S12B-REDUX-700
120mm NF-F12 industrialPPC IP52 2000RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-F12-IPPC-2000
92mm NF-B9 Redux Edition 1600RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-B9-REDUX-1600
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120mm Nocuta NF-F12 industrialPPC IP52 PWM Fan (Ma...
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-F12-IPPC-3000-PWM
120mm ThermalTake Riing 12 Green LED 1500RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F038-PL12GR-A
120mm ThermalTake Riing 12 White LED 1500RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F038-PL12WT-A
120mm ThermalTake Riing 12 Red LED 1500RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F038-PL12RE-A
140mm ThermalTake Riing 14 Blue LED 1400RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F039-PL14BU-A
140mm Thermaltake Riing 14 Red LED 1400RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F039-PL14RE-A
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140mm Noctua NF-P14S Redux Edition Square Frame PW...
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-P14S-REDUX-1500-PWM
Noctua 120mm NF-P12 PWM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-P12-PWM
Noctua 92mm NF-A9x14 PWM 2200RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A9X14-PWM
140mm Noctua NF-P14R Redux Edition Round Frame PWM...
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-P14R-REDUX-1500-PWM
80mm Noctua NF-A8 PWM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A8-PWM
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92mm Noctua NF-A9 PWM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A9-PWM
120mm NF-S12B Redux Edition 1200RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-S12B-REDUX-1200
80mm Noctua NF-A8 ULN 1400RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A8-ULN
92mm NF-B9 Redux Edition PWM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-B9-REDUX-1600-PWM
80mm Noctua NF-A8 FLX 2000RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A8-FLX
80mm Noctua NF-R8 Redux Edition 1800RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-R8-REDUX-1800
80mm NF-R8 Redux Edition 1200RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-R8-REDUX-1200
40mm Noctua NF-A4x10 5V 4500RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A4X10-5V
Noctua Brown NA-SAV2 Anti Vibration Mounting Bolts...
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NA-SAV2
Replacing standard fan screws, the NA-AV2 mounts allow for a convenient, quick and vibration-free installation of fans in standard case fan mounting holes. The double-side design... more
Noctua NF-S12A FLX 1200RPM 120mm Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-S12A-FLX
Noctua 40mm NF-A4x10 FLX 4500RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A4X10-FLX
Noctua NF-S12A ULN 800RPM 120mm Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-S12A-ULN
Cooler Master Fan PWM JetFlo 120mm Blue
[Brand] Cooler Master   [MPN#] R4-JFDP-20PB-R1
Performance, style and silence & everything you want in a fan has been included in the JetFlo 120. 7 ultra-thin yet rigid blades generate high airflows that reach up to 95 CFM.... more
Antec "TriCool" 92mm Clear Case Fan with...
[Brand] Antec   [MPN#] TRICOOL92MM; 761345-75092
Antec "TriCool" 92mm Clear Case Fan with 3-Speed Switch, 92x92x25.4mm, Double ball bearing, 3/4-pin connectors, Speed: 1200RPM (Low)/1600RPM (Medium)/2200RPM (High), Airflow:... more
120mm Blue LED FN Series 121-BL 1200RPM Fan
[Brand] Silver Stone   [MPN#] SST-FN121-BL
120mm Corsair ML120, Premium Magnetic, Levitation ...
[Brand] Corsair   [MPN#] CO-9050039-WW
Corsair ML120, 120mm Premium Magnetic, Levitation Fan (2-Pack)
200mm Noctua NF-A20 FLX 800RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A20-FLX
40mm Noctua NF-A4x20 PWM 5000RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A4X20-PWM
Corsair SP120 RGB LED, 3x120mm High Performance RG...
[Brand] Corsair   [MPN#] CO-9050061-WW
Corsair SP Series, SP120 RGB LED, 3x120mm High Performance RGB LED Fans (triple) with controller
200mm Noctua NF-A20 PWM 800RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A20-PWM
140mm Corsair ML140 PRO LED, Red, Premium Magnetic...
[Brand] Corsair   [MPN#] CO-9050047-WW
Corsair ML140 PRO LED, Red, 140mm Premium Magnetic Levitation Fan
120mm Noctua NF-A12x15 FLX 1850RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A12X15-FLX
40mm Noctua NF-A4x20 5V 5000RPM Fan
[Brand] Noctua   [MPN#] NF-A4X20-5V
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