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ThermalTake  ThermalTake
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80mm ThermalTake Pure 8 Blue LED 1400RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F029-PL08BU-A
120mm ThermalTake Riing 12 Green LED 1500RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F038-PL12GR-A
ThermalTake 120mm White LED Luna 12 1200RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F018-PL12WT-A
120mm ThermalTake Riing 12 Red LED 1500RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F038-PL12RE-A
120mm ThermalTake Riing 12 White LED 1500RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F038-PL12WT-A
140mm ThermalTake Riing 14 Blue LED 1400RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F039-PL14BU-A
140mm Thermaltake Riing 14 Red LED 1400RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F039-PL14RE-A
80mm ThermalTake Luna 8 Red LED 1400RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F034-PL08RE-A
120mm ThermalTake Blue LED Luna 12 1200RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F009-PL12BU-A
200mm Blue LED Luna 20 800RPM Fan
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-F024-PL20BU-A
ThermalTake iConnect 69, [CL-W0047]
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-W0047
Thermaltake Thermoengine  V60-4225L
[Brand] ThermalTake  
Suitable for Socket 370 and Socket A motherboards
1 lug clip design
Recommended upto AMD Athlon 1600+
60mm 5800rpm fan.
Thermaltake LGA2011 Kit For Frio CPU Cooler
[Brand] ThermalTake   [MPN#] CL-Z0024
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