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USB Cards
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SSU USB 3.0 2 Back + 2 Ports 20-pin Internal Conne...
2 back panel USB 3.0 port and a 20-pin internal USB 3.0 connector which can be connected to front USB 3.0 panel & supports 2 USB 3.0 ports; Overload protection for individual USB port; Built-in 2A self power module.
[MPN#] U3N14S
>300+ sold
SSU USB 3.0 4 Ports PCI-e Card, [ACS-U3V04S+] with...
4 ports SuperSpeed USB 3.0 PCI Express 1x card. On-board power chip. VIA© VL805 chipset; Overload protection for individual USB port; Built-in 6A self power module.
[MPN#] ACS-U3V04S+
>300+ sold
USB 3.0 7 Ports PCI-E 1x Card - 4 External Ports, ...
4 Ports USB 3.0 on back panel; 20-pin internal USB 3.0 connection which supports up to 2 ports USB 3.0, 1 internal USB 3.0 port, PCI Express 1x interface. Windows© PC supported
>200+ sold
SSU USB 3.0 2-Port PCI-e Card with Overload Protec...
USB 3.0 Extra 2-port card, PCI Express 1x connection, SATA power connection, standard height & low profile 2 back backets; Overload protection for individual USB port; Built-in 2A self power module.
>50+ sold
USB 3 Type C & Type A Port Front Panel, [LA251...
Front USB Type C & Type A port. 20-pin (19-pin) internal USB 3 connection
[MPN#] LA251-1A1C
2 Ports USB 3.0 PCI-e Card - 4-pin Molex power con...
Full profile. PCI Express 1X slot. Big 4-pin Molex power connector (Same as IDE CD-ROM connector).
[BRAND] Skymaster
USB 3.1 Dual Type A & Type C Ports PCI-E 4x Ca...
Dual USB 3.1 ports PCI Express 4x card. USB 3.1 speed is up to 10Gbps
[MPN#] LA31-12U
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