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Motherboards: Motherboard Accessiories

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Motherboard Accessiories
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SSU 1x to 16x PCI Express USB Riser Cable for Cryp...
PCI Express card extension cable. Mostly used for crypto-currency mining
6-pin video card power, 4-pin molex and SATA power.
About 60cm long USB 3.0 cable included
>300+ sold
Multi Power Supply Relay Link Board, Dual PSU Swit...
Multi ATX computer PSU controlled by one switch, turn on all linked PSU by one switch. For crypto-currency mining
>200+ sold
M.2 (NGFF) Socket to PCI-Express 4x Slot Converter...
Converts M.2 (NGFF) socket on motherboard to a PCI-Express 4x slot. Used for crypto-currency mining mostly
[MPN#] LM-141X
>200+ sold
SSU PCI Express 1x Slot Extender 1 to 4, Extra 3 P...
Extension PCI-E 1x slot for crypto coin mining
>100+ sold
19/20-Pin USB 3.0 Connector to Dual USB 3.0 Type A...
From 19/20 pins USB 3.0 socket on your motherboard to 2* USB 3.0 back-panel for desktop computer
>20+ sold
eSATA & 2xUSB 2.0 Back Plate for Mainboard
eSATA & 2 USB 2.0 Back Plate for MainboardSuitable for all motherboard. *Please check your motherboard manual before use.
>20+ sold
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4-Pin FAN Splitter 1 to 2 for CPU & Motherboar...
4-pin connector is fully automatic FAN speed control via your mainboard (4-pin supporting speed measurement and temperature control for PWM fan; 3-pin supporting temperature control only).
This cable can be connected to both 4-pin PWM fan or 3-pin computer fan.
[MPN#] 4PIN-FAN-1-2
>20+ sold
Hear POST CODE Beep when Computer Boots Up to simple diagnose your PC
>20+ sold
USB 2.0 2 port Back Plate for Mainboard
2 port USB backplate.
Suited for all motherboards.*Please check your motherboard manual before use, make sure power pins (+5v & GND) are in the right position.*
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USB 3.0 20-pin Plug to 2x USB A Receptacle Adapter
For desktop computer motherboard with 20-pin USB 3.0 socket, but computer case has USB A plug
Com port Back Plate for Main Board
USB 3.0 Back Plate for Mainboard 2 port
Firewire Back Plate for Mainboard
eSATA & Mini (4pin) 1394 Back Plate for Mainbo...
eSATA & Mini (4pin) 1394 Back Plate.
Suitable for all motherboard. * Please check your motherboard manual before use.
VGA Back Plate for Mainboard
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